Thursday, January 2, 2014

Better Mus Come

The Narrative Better Mus Come takes place in the explosive political landscape of early 1970's Kingston, Jamaica.  A country in the midst of a heated campaign struggle between the People's National Party (whose campaign slogan was "Better Mus Come") and the more conservative incumbent Jamaican Labor Party. The warring parties aspire to clench governing rulership of Jamaica by any means necessary.  

With hired gangsters sabotaging rallies and enforcing political protection things get out-of-hand quickly.  An excellent and intense cadre of first-time performances by lead man of Reggae poetry band No Maddz, Sheldon Shepherd, who won Best Actor at the American Black Film Festival, Nicole Sky Grey, Everaldo Creary, Ricardo Orgil and Duane Pusey.   

Under the circumstance of poverty and politics these characters are placed between a rock and a hard place and there is no room for riding the fence. 

Director: Storm Saulter
Starring: Sheldon Shepherd, Nicole Sky Grey, Ricardo Orgil, Everaldo Creary, Duane Pusey and Robert Guenveur Smith
Length: 104 mins.
Origin: Jamaica, West Indies

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