Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mother of George

The story of newlyweds Adenike (Danai Gurira) and Ayodele Balogun (Isaach de BakolĂ©) is a typical Nollywood theme that focuses on issues of infertility.  However, the film is based in Brooklyn, New York's Crown Heights neighborhood. It's a brilliantly weaved drama that uses the lens to allure the visual senses and avoids unnecessary exposition and foreshadowing at all costs (Thank God).Did I mention it is absolutely, aesthetically gorgeous? Cinematographer, Bradford Young, all but put his foot in this film, garnering the best Cinematography award at this years Sundance film festival.Mother of George exudes the value Yoruba place upon children. Historically, those who are unable to bear children are considered cursed by the Gods and are in danger of breaking the cycle of life between the ancestors and the living.
Being a woman, the expectation and all fault lands in Adenike's lap and creates tension tighter than a sewn in weave.  She also struggles to find a life of her own that is not solely dependent upon being Ayo's wife.  This classic clash of tradition and modernity is certainly worth its 107 minutes in gold.

Directed by: Andrew Dosunmu

Starring: Danai Gurira, Isaach de Bankolé, Anthony Okungbowa, Yaya DaCosta and Bukky Ajayi
Length: 107 mins
Origin: North America

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